date and location

May 8–11

Caesars Palace

Las Vegas, NV

Momentum Countdown

Momentum 2017: May 8-11


App Modernization and the Future of Enterprise Mobility

PLEASE NOTE: The information below is for Momentum 2016. Check back soon for the latest news about Momentum 2017 as we continue to update this website!

App Modernization and the Future of Enterprise Mobility

Monday, May 16, 2016 - 5:10pm to 5:30pm

New Mobile Operating Systems and Device Form Factors are at our doorstep. This drastic departure from legacy enterprise device types require adaptations of the existing user experience in order to guarantee successful implementations and user adoption. App Modernization is a powerful tool that enables you to quickly adapt to increasingly younger, mobile, and temporary workforces without requiring any cost prohibitive modifications to the host application.  App Modernization solutions have the combined effect of increasing worker morale and reducing onboarding efforts by providing your associates with an intuitive user experience on familiar device types and mobile operating systems.