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May 21–24

The Diplomat Beach Resort

Hollywood, FL

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Momentum 2017: May 8-11


Second Opinions Using Driver&Load

Second Opinions Using Driver&Load

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 4:30pm to 5:30pm

You started your day with 75 loads to plan and 75 drivers. Should be easy, right? Match one load to one driver and it all balances out. But during the day additional loads are added, some are deleted, and some of the drivers become unavailable due to breakdown, illness or any number of reasons. And you did not see any of this coming. What do you do now? You need a Second Opinion!

This session introduces a new feature in Driver&Load where all planned loads and planned drivers continue to be monitored to evaluate preplan quality. When issues arise, such as service risk drivers becoming unavailable, drivers with routing needs or drivers not being utilized, new primary assignment recommendations are generated and presented to the load planner to provide solutions to address these issues. No longer are you left alone to figure it out yourself. You now have a Second Opinion.