date and location

May 8–11

Caesars Palace

Las Vegas, NV

Momentum Countdown

Momentum 2017: May 8-11


Track Descriptions

Track Descriptions

If you don’t lead the change associated with a new technology solution, you won’t realize improved efficiencies, gain new agility and market access or achieve your desired return on investment. Learn how to:

  • Identify the true ROI of your system implementation.
  • Diagnose elements that could help you make a greater impact.
  • Learn tools and techniques for maximizing your outcomes.

Sessions within the Inventory track will include topics on Manhattan’s Planning, Demand Forecasting and Inventory Optimization solutions.

  • Learn how Inventory Optimization works with Distributed Order Management to provide the best inventory positioning for an omni-channel world.
  • See how the most advanced replenishment system, Inventory Optimization, generates a time-phased approach to tie planning to execution.
  • Learn how Demand Forecasting provides the best possible forecast with minimal user interaction and how more accurate forecasting helps to manage your inventory profitably both pre-season and in-season with effective Planning and Demand Forecasting.
  • Discover how to increase profits by better targeting your assortment based on actual customer preferences while increasing customer satisfaction and margins with an integrated approach to planning and inventory.

Hear about the latest updates for both Labor Management and Slotting Optimization.

  • Discover how customers are using the latest enhancements to drive additional value and productivity.
  • Learn how to leverage new technologies to make managing work and people more efficient

Manhattan SCALE’s flexibility allows it to fit your enterprise like a glove.

  • Learn about all of the new features and benefits.
  • Join with customers for interactive sessions.
  • Network with peers during the sessions, and attend a private SCALE reception.

Discover how Omni-Channel Solutions can address operational challenges for retailers looking to compete more effectively.

  • Learn about advancements in omni-channel customer service.
  • Hear from customers about their omni-channel transformation process.
  • Network with industry analysts regarding trends in the industry for omni-channel fulfillment.
  • Hear from customers and industry experts who are in the trenches, transforming traditional brick-and-mortar experiences into winning engagements.
  • Learn how essential your store associates are in delivering a seamless shopping experience across all channels.

Advanced solutions that share a platform across applications can power your supply chain, improve security, reduce costs and increase productivity.

  • Learn the technologies that reduce an application’s total cost of ownership (TCO) while increasing availability and elasticity.
  • Discover the business benefits of deploying in the cloud.

Learn about the latest updates for Manhattan Carrier™, used by more than half of the top 100 motor carriers in North America.

  • Discover how to maximize profits with real-time yield management capabilities, and solve network complexities with real-time driver-to-load assignments.
  • Learn how to minimize the total cost of dispatch, not just fuel cost.
  • Solve the driver-to-load assignment problem, allowing carriers to increase production with the same hours of service.

In this volatile world, you need every advantage you can find. In addition to hearing about the current state of the transportation industry, you’ll discover how to open new doors of opportunity for your business.

  • Learn how technology can provide a competitive advantage.
  • Understand the importance of strategic and tactical planning.
  • Gain insight into the benefits—and pitfalls—of upgrading Transportation Planning & Execution.

Beyond planning and execution, these sessions provide new insights to help you make better decisions based on rich supply chain data.

  • Learn how to achieve network-wide visibility.
  • Increase operational efficiency.
  • Improve customer service levels.

Explore new WMi product features and learn how the solution integrates with other applications.

  • Participate in interactive learning and deep dives into the solution.
  • Learn the new functionality in motion.
  • Hear customer success stories.

Success or failure begins in the warehouse. An optimized warehouse can provide a significant strategic advantage for companies in any industry.

  • Explore all of the functions and capabilities of Warehouse Management.
  • Learn how upgraded processes and cross-product integration deliver major benefits to your business.