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May 8–11

Caesars Palace

Las Vegas, NV

Momentum Countdown

Momentum 2017: May 8-11


Change Management

Change Management

If you don’t lead the change associated with a new technology solution, you won’t realize improved efficiencies, gain new agility and market access or achieve your desired return on investment. Learn how to:

  • Identify the true ROI of your system implementation.
  • Diagnose elements that could help you make a greater impact.
  • Learn tools and techniques for maximizing your outcomes.
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Rapid Fire Change: Great Communications at Ulta

ULTA matches their change messages to their culture and discovers a new way to delight the customer - internally. Communicating change can be more than just a new technology system for a few users- having all the upstream and downstream stakeholders on board takes finely tuned communications strategies. Explore how in this Rapid Fire session.


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